10 pieces of Jewellery in the Art Nouveau Style

Art Nouveau was an international style of design and architecture.

Idiosyncratic and romantic the Art Nouveau style derived from the vestiges of academic classicism of the École des Beauz-Arts, Paris and the study of plant forms. Between 1880 and 1910, the Art Nouveau movement was influential throughout Europe and to a lesser degree in the United States. The following are 10 beautifully crafted examples of jewellery design in this style.

1. Sash Pin

2. Heart Brooch in Gold and Turquoise

3. Jugendstil silver amethyst set plique-a-jour-brooch

4. A Jugenstil silver enamelled brooch set by Viktor Mayer

5. Stirling Silver Art Nouveau Jewellery

6. Jugendstil Pendant by Meyle and Mayer

7. Jugendstil Brooch by George Kleeman

8. Pearl and Enamel Brooch by Georges Fouquet

9. Liberty Pendant by Archibald Knox

10. Faceted aquamarine garnet with pearls

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