Manuel Orazi and notable art nouveau posters

Manuel Orazi was a Spanish illustrator, a lithographer who contributed notable Art Nouveau posters of the last quarter of the nineteenth century. He designed the 1884 Théodora poster for Sarah Bernhardt with Gorguet. Others of his posters were for Peugeot bicycles, the opera Aben Hamet and, in the form of an old torn manuscript, for the opera Thaïs by Jules Massenet.

Orazi’s most notable posters were the Loïe Fuller image for the 1900 Paris ‘Exposition Universelle,’ illustrations of the inventory of Art Nouveau objects sold in Julius Meier-Graefe’s La Maison Moderne shop in Paris, and the Vercingétorix for the opening of the Hippodrome in Paris. Orazi created jewellery and table service designs for Meier-Graefe.

A sample of his work

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