Suzanne Belporren was a French jewellery designer. Her career flourished in the 1920s and 1930s. Belperron produced numerous designs of sculptured jewellery for RenĂ© Boivin’s Paris shop. She subsequently opened her own Paris shop called Herz-Belperron. Her designs often featured glass encrusted with gemstones.

Today, a bold mastery of style is synonymous with the name of Suzanne Belperron. For her originality, her bold, geometric shapes and her use of modern methods that were cherished; Diana Vreeland, Daisy Fellowes and Wallis Simpson were all customers. Being a Belporren woman was to be a sophisticated high society player.

Belperron was very sensitive, drawing inspiration from where she liked: Congolese tribal jewellery, Brutalist architecture and Japanese sakura (cherry blossom) were all transformed into provocatively cutting-edge designs.

A sapphire and diamond bangle by Suzanne Belperron

Her work was so distinctive that Belperron never felt the need to sign it, claiming, ‘My style is my signature.’ This poses something of a problem when it comes to attribution, and goes some way to understanding why the name of Belperron was nearly forgotten at the time of her death in 1983.

A selection of her work

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