En Iwamura ceramics


In 1988, En Iwamura was born in Kyoto, Japan. He grew up in an artistic setting under the influence of both parents, who are painters. He started to be involved in the international art world after graduating with a BFA in craft at the Kanazawa College of Art and Craft. He claims that ceramics can be one of the foreign languages that can connect various cultures, individuals, and countries.

Artist Statement

En Iwamura’s current research explores how his installation artworks can affect and alter the perception of viewers who occupy space. In his works, when Iwamura mentions space and size, he refers to Ma’s Japanese philosophy. Ma implies distance, moment, space, relationship, and more meanings. People are regularly reading and calculating various Ma between themselves. It can provide a unique connection at a given moment to find the right or comfortable Ma between people or locations. Iwamura aims to create such an experience with his site-responsive installations through his work and provide a chance for viewers to recognise Ma themselves by entering the space.

A Selection of his works

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EN IWAMURA – contemporary ceramics artist from japan

Artist Statement En Iwamura’s current research investigates how he can influence and alter the experience of viewers who occupy space with his installation artworks. When Iwamura describes the space and scale in his works, he references the Japanese philosophy of Ma. Ma implies meanings of distance, moment, space, relationship, and more.

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