Tu Wien – Austria

One of the foremost universities in Vienna, Austria, is TU Wien (TUW; German: Technische Universität Wien; also known in English as the Vienna University of Technology from 1975–2014). The University has gained comprehensive international and domestic recognition in both teaching and science and is a highly respected partner of innovation-oriented enterprises. Currently, it has about 28,100 students (29% female), eight faculties and about 5,000 staff members (3,800 academics).

The University’s teaching and research focus on engineering, computer science and natural sciences. The educational offerings of the University have gained wide international and domestic recognition.


The institution was founded by Emperor Francis I of Austria in 1815 as the K.K. Polytechnic Institute (Imperial-Royal Polytechnic Institute). Johann Joseph von Prechtl was the first rector. In 1872, it was called the Technische Hochschule (College of Technology). It was called the Technische Universität Wien when it started awarding doctoral and higher degrees in 1975 (Vienna University of Technology).


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