Henri Rapin French artist and decorator

Henri Rapin (1873-1939) was a French artist and decorator. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts under Jean-Leon Gerome and J. Blanc.

Rapin (1873-1939) Set Of Art Nouveau Chairs

Rapin worked as a painter, illustrator, furniture designer, and decorator. From 1903, his furniture was generally simple. From 1910, he began to produce more elaborate designs using exotic materials and carved wood panels by Eve Le Bourgeois and Charles Hairon. These designs were in response to the challenge from the designers of the MĂĽnchner Vereeingite Werkstätten fĂĽr Kunst in Handwerk exhibiting at the Salon of the same year. In 1924, he became a principal at the Manufacture Nationale de Sevres and artistic director of Ecole du Comite des Dames de l ‘Union Centrale des Arts Decoratifs. Some of his furniture was produced by Evrard. He designed numerous interiors of theatres, music halls, and shops in Paris.

Applique Henri Rapin pour la Manufacture de Sèvres

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