Rethinking Sitting by Peter Opsvik (Paperback)

Rethinking Sitting by Peter Opsvik. Book Cover
Rethinking Sitting by Peter Opsvik. Book Cover

Humans have lived physically active lives for millions of years. On the other hand, industrialisation has bred passivity and a growing predominance of the sitting posture for an increasing number of people in recent decades. Chairs and furniture for seating have increasingly become common items in the office, institutions, and private homes. These sitting devices were created per the chair’s existing norm based on the agreed western sitting posture.

Peter Opsvik, a Scandinavian industrial designer, explores whether this is the only and safest design for the human body in his book Rethinking Sitting. When numerous ergonomics experts advocate their one and only “right” sitting posture, he says they’re all correct. Every suggested sitting posture is fine. Opsvik considers it his responsibility to design chairs that allow for as many different sitting postures as possible while also making it simple to switch and change positions regularly.

Opsvik provides insight into his thoughts on sitting and discusses the theory that drives his furniture designs in this beautifully illustrated guide. Rethinking Sitting is essential reading for anyone interested in sitting strategies for technical, educational, or personal reasons.

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