Japanese Design: Art, Aesthetics & Culture (Hardcover)

Japanese Design: Art, Aesthetics & Culture

By Patricia J. Graham

This Japanese design book presents Japan’s arts, aesthetics and culture with over 160 stunning colour photos and extensive historical and cultural commentaries.

The Japanese sensitivity has an intuitive, emotional attraction, whether it’s a silk kimono, a sparkling garden path, an architectural marvel, a teapot or a contemporary piece of art. This allure has permeated Japan’s entire culture—it is evident in the most mundane utensils and snack food packaging, as well as in Japanese architecture and fine art.

In Japanese Design, Asian art expert and author Patricia J. Graham explains how Japanese aesthetics developed based on fine craftsmanship and simplicity. Her unusual, full-color presentation reveals this aesthetic design in an absorbing way. Focusing on ten elements of Japanese design, Graham explores how the visual qualities, cultural parameters and Japanese religious traditions of Buddhism and Shinto have influenced the appearance of their arts.

Japanese Design is a handbook for millions of us who have felt the special appeal of Japanese art, culture and crafts. Art and design fans and professionals have been calling for this—a book that meets the need for an intelligent, culture-rich overview of what Japanese design is and what it means.

Topics explored by Japanese Design include:

  • Japanese Design Esthetics
  • Japanese Design Cultural Parameters
  • Early promoters of “Artistic Japan” from the 1830s to the 1950s

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