Masterpieces of Italian Design (hardcover)

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Masterpieces of Italian Design

By Carlton Books

Design in Italy has always represented the Italian people’s national identity: seductive, trendy, and creative, with a dash of audacity. No other country takes design so seriously nor treats its leading practitioners with such reverence. In Italy, design is never just a commodity but a cultural language. There is a clear conviction that good design should be applied to all facets of life, or “from the spoon to the city,” as architect Ernesto Rogers put it.

Masterpieces of Italian Design is a study of Italian design and manufacturing over the last two centuries. With breathtaking photos (including rare archival pictures, illustrations, and patent drawings) and explanatory texts, this new title records the 100 most pioneering designs to come out of Italy and describes why.

From Rationalism to Post-Modernism and Late-Modernism, the Italian design culture has been at the forefront of modern design practice and has pioneered many styles and movements. Italy has always created the ideal creative environment for designers and manufacturers, with its strong design-engineering emphasis, highly skilled craft workshops, and specialist factories. Alessi, B&B Italia, Cappellini, Cassina, Ducati, Ferrari, Fiat, Kartell, Lamborghini, Luceplan, Magis, Moroso, Pagani, and Riva are among the brands featured in this important new book.

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