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Aldo Cibic, a significant figure in the history of Italian design for over 40 years, recently discovered a new, much more straightforward, and humble way of life.

He lives in a tiny apartment for the first time in his life, with very few objects and very few clothes.

And he hasn’t been out of Shanghai since October 2020.

Cibic creates community architecture, interiors, objects, and ways of life. His first trip to China was in 2003 when he led a design workshop with Tongji University students for Paola C., a well-known Italian tableware company for which he was the art director.

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Aldo Cibic is a self-taught architect, designer, researcher, environmentalist and humanist. He was born in Vicenza and professionally active in Milan. In the late ’70s, he moved to Milan. He joined Ettore Sottsass studio, eventually becoming a partner in the Sottsass Associati studio.

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Studio Alchymia was founded in 1976 in Milan as a think tank for designers who rebelled against modernism’s functionalist approach. Their products were intended as prototypes or unique exhibits. Studio Alchymia was founded in 1976 in Milan as a think tank for designers rebelling against the functionalist approach of modernism.

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