A & E Design a Swedish Design Consultancy

Stockholm Folding Stool

A & E Design, a Swedish design consultancy, was founded in Stockholm by Tom Ahlström and Hans Ehrich (1942–). They both had previously studied design and metalwork at the Konstfackskolan, Stockholm. From its outset, this Stockholm based practice researched plastics’ application while specialising in design for the disabled.

A & E Plastics, a medium with which they have always been associated, are well suited to the clean undecorated types that characterise many of their design solutions. 


Among their well-known products are the AB Turnomatic ticketing machine for supermarkets and other queuing systems (replacing the old model with 46 parts with six injection moulded components), the Jordan scouring brush (1975) and the Stockholm folding stool (1995) designed for tired museum visitors. They have won numerous commissions from the government and have received many Swedish design awards.

Turno-matic ticket machine
Turno-matic ticket machine


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