Design Classic – Tribute to American Shaker and English Windsor

Børge Mogensen Spoke Back Sofa 1945, Fabric 1963
Børge Mogensen Spoke Back Sofa 1945, Fabric 1963


  • Designer: Børge Mogensen
  • Material: trim woven fabric and mahogany and beechwood

Sofa, Borge Mogensen, 1945

This sofa’s straightforward execution and regular silhouette reflect characteristics that were considered essential for advanced design at the time. Nonetheless, the turned spindles, stretchers, and exquisite details owe a lot to Borge Mogensen’s use of the lexicon of traditional furniture forms—especially American Shaker and English Windsor—in his work. This couch was first shown in a mahogany prototype at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild furniture exhibition in 1945. Still, it wasn’t until the early 1960s that it was reprinted in beechwood with this trim, woven fabric, which Mogensen created with Lis Ahlmann, that it became a commercial success.


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