Tubular Furniture from Ventilation Pipes and Scrap Metal

Tubular Furniture from Ventilation Pipes and Scrap Metal

Eindhoven-based designer Lucas Muoz combined industrial steel ventilation pipes with a copper seat salvaged from a scrapyard to create this bulbous chair. Muoz’s Tubular chair was made as a study of the structural potential of various industrial components. He intended to show off their capacity to carry out a task in a domestic setting. Muoz made the seat out of galvanised steel ventilation pipes and elbow connections he discovered in his workshop, as well as copper sheets he acquired at a junkyard.” If assembled in a way that offers some furniture function for a residential context, the materiality and shape – the practical methods – of the industrial components allow them to afford several roles.” The chair was on show as part of an exhibition named Hardcore during the first edition of the 21st-century design event Collectible, which had previously taken place at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Tubular Furniture from Ventilation Pipes
Tubular Furniture from Ventilation Pipes


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