Jean-Charles Moreaux (1889 – 1956) French architect, painter, designer

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Jean-Charles Moreaux featured image
Jean-Charles Moreaux featured image

Jean-Charles Moreaux was a French architect and designer Jean-Charles Moreux was born in the Chateau de Joncy in the Saone-et-Loire region of France in 1889. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1914-22), where he worked on preserving works of art during World War I. He formed acquaintances with the architect Jean Lurcat and his brothers, Andre and Paul Vera, while at l’Ecole.

His first pieces of furniture were shown at the Salon d’Automne in 1924. He prefered poetic living spaces and believed that people deserved better than Corbusier’s “living machines.” He was eager to incorporate characteristics of the fantastic into architecture and interior design. His works were influenced by classical, baroque, and rococo styles.

Baron Robert de Rothschild and Bolette Natanson were among Moreux’s well-known clients. Interiors for fashion designer Raphael, Princess of Polignac, and novelist Colette were also designed by him.

To satiate his passion for gardening, he staged an exhibition called “Art of French Gardens” in 1935. In 1936, he was hired to design the landscape for Paris’s Square des Gobelins. He debuted at the Salon des Artistes Decorateurs in 1939. He fled Paris in 1940 to avoid the takeover by relocating to the South of France’s free zone. In 1941, he went to Paris and rebuilt the interiors of Christofle, the renowned silver store.

  • Jean-Charles Moreux, Rare Pair of Garden Chairs, France, C. 1935
  • Jean-Charles Moreux Rare Gilded Wrought Iron Armchair
  • French Forties Art Deco cabinet in sculpted, limed oak. Circa 1945 designed by Jean-Charles Moreux
  • Jean-Charles Moreaux featured image


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