Gérard Dalmon (b. 1944) French furniture designer

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Gérard Dalmon featured image
Gérard Dalmon featured image

Gérard Dalmon, a French furniture designer and entrepreneur, was born in 1942. He worked as a professional in both Paris and New York.


In France, he first worked in the disciplines of chemical engineering and data processing. In the early 1980s, Dalmon began designing furniture (with Pierre Staudenmeyer). In 1984, he opened Galerie Néotu in Paris, and then in 1990, he opened Galerie Néotu in New York.


His applied art included Néotu’s 1985 Chaise YM, 1986 lacquered pressed board chair with animal hair, and 1989 Bouton de porte and Poignée de porte door handles, all of which used inexpensive and uncommon materials.


His work was shown at 

  • 1985 ‘Onze Lampes,’ Galerie Néotu, Paris; 
  • 1985 Salon of Société des Artistes Décorateurs
  • 1985 ‘Un tapis n’est pas un tableau’ exhibition, Galerie Néott; 
  • 1986 exhibition, Galerie Théoreme, Brussels; Galerie Lechanjour, Nice; Galerie Silicone, Nice; 
  • Shiseido department store, Tokyo; 
  • 1987 in Desco at Zeus, Milan; 
  • 1987 ‘Cent chaises,’ Boulogne Billancourt (France); 
  • 1988 Paris and Cologne Furniture Fairs; 
  • 1988 “Design frangais,’ Berlin decorative arts museum; 
  • ‘Médium,’ Fondation Cartier, Jouy-en-Josas (France); 
  • VIA exhibition, Netherlands
  • 1988 Salone del Mobile Italiano; ‘Just Your Image’ with Allessandro Mendini, Guerriero, and Dalisi, Milan.


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