Coffee Machine 9090 – Alessi

Designer: Richard Sapper

The first espresso coffee maker that hasn’t been unscrewed for more than 30 years. With a handle, it opens up.

The Alessi Coffee Machine – 9090 is not just the first espresso coffee maker in Alessi’s history: it is also Alessi’s first kitchen object after 1930, the first of Alessi’s many Compasso d’Oro awards (1979) and the first Alessi object to be inducted into the Permanent Design Collection of the New York MOMA.

The high design quality of the 9090 makes it suitable for use in the kitchen. It encourages items to be brought directly to the table. A trait that has since become part of the signature style of Alessi. Making the 9090 Coffee Machine a true Icon of Alessi.

Made of 18/10 stainless steel, this 6 cup coffee machine contains a magnetic steel bottom which makes it suitable for induction, gas and electrical cooking. Please note that the induction hob used must be ideal for an item of 90 mm in diameter.

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