VD-191, the first television manufactured in Korea

First Television in Korea | Design Object
First Television in Korea | Design Object

VD-191, the first television manufactured in Korea

The 1960s saw the introduction of the first residential electronic items, one after the other. In August 1966, ‘Goldstar’ began developing television and developed the first home television VD-19. ‘VD-191’ is a 19-inch black-and-white television with a four-legged in the form of a table on a television tube method for home use. In 1977, ‘Goldstar’ developed the country’s first colour television.


Title: VD-191, the first television manufactured in Korea
Creator: Gold Star Company
Date: 1966
Physical Dimensions: w64 x h80 x d31 cm
Type: Electronics
Museum: Modern Design Museum, South Korea


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