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Yaber Projector Pro V7
Yaber Projector Pro V7

6D Auto Keystone Correction

With the 6D Auto Keystone Correction function, if the Pro V7 is accidentally shifted or tilted, the image can be restored to its original settings in less than a second. The 4-point keystone correction option is still available in Pro V7, allowing you to modify the projection screen size to your liking.

The Real Native 1080P Resolution  

The higher the resolution, the more pixels there are in the image, and the clearer it appears. Yaber Pro V7 is a true native 1080p projector, with a picture that is four times crisper and more detailed than 720p projectors.

Brightness +25%

When compared to similar projectors on the market, the brightness of the Pro V7 rose by 25% to 9500 L, giving it a clear advantage. The image is brighter, and the watching experience is opulent and highly delightful. Who needs other projectors when you have a Pro V7 at home?

Digital Zoom -50% Function

To lower the projection image by up to 50%, select “Digital Zoom.” There is no need to modify the projector distance constantly to fit the screen size because you may set a suitable zoom ratio based on the actual size of the room.

5 GHz/2.4 GHz WiFi Dual-Band & WiFi Mirroring

The Pro V7 has dual-band WiFi (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz), enhancing image/video transmission smoother, faster, and more stable. Both iOS and Android smartphones can use WiFi Mirroring with the Pro V7. There are no connections required; you can easily mirror your smartphone’s screen or other Miracast-enabled devices to a large screen.

BASIC Smart Engine

In the entertainment projector market, the Pro V7 is the first projector with the BASIC Smart Engine. The optimum audio-visual experience can be obtained in five aspects with the maximum and practical performance: Brightness, a plethora of colours, a sound effect, an immersive display, and clarity are all desirable qualities.

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