Rut Bryk (1916 – 1999) Swedish ceramicist/graphic/textile designer

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Rut Bryk (1916 – 1999) was a Swedish ceramicist and graphic and textile designer. Her work shows Byzantine, Renaissance, cubist, folk and constructivist influences.


In 1939 she studied graphic design at Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu, Helsinki.


In 1942, she worked for the pottery Arabia, Helsinki; from 1959, she was a freelance ceramics designer with Rosenthal, Selb. From the 1960s, she worked for Vassa Cotton Company.


Bryk was awarded the Pro Finlandia medal in 1962 and the Finnish State Design Prize in 1974. In 1980 she became the first Finnish woman to receive the Order of Commandeur dans l’Orde des Arts des Lettres from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. She was awarded the Finnish White Rose Knight First Class in 1982 and received a Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa from the University of Helsinki in 1994.

Personal Life

Bryk married Tapio Wirkkala and together had two children: Sami Wirkkala (born 1948) and Maaria Wirkkala (born 1954). Sami is an interior designer, and Maaria is a contemporary artist.


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