Lisa Johansson-Pape (1907 – 1989) Finnish Designer

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Lisa Johansson-Pape (1907 – 1989) was a Finnish designer best known for her work in lighting. She was the most significant Finnish lighting designer in the second half of the 1900s. Her priorities were first about the function, then the design.


In 1927 she graduated from the Central School of Arts and Crafts


Between 1928-30, she designed furniture for Kylmakoski; between 1928—37, she was a textile designer for Friends of Finnish Handicraft. From 1952, its artistic director, 1937—49, was a furniture, textile, and interior designer for Stockmann, Helsinki. From 1949, she designed Rational and practical models for the Stockmann-Orno lamp company. Work included ceramics, glass, and textiles.

Johansson-Pape also created installations for 150 churches, including Eckerö Church, Helsinki Children’s Hospital, a rheumatic clinic, Ilmatar, Aallotar, Finnpartner Finnhansa and the icebreaker Karhu.

Innojok and Keraplast are still producing several Johansson-Pape lighting products.


She received first and second prizes and a diploma of honour at the 1937 Paris’ Exposition Internationale des Arts et techniques dans la Vie Moderne and 1951 (IX) (silver medal), 1954 (X) (gold medal) and 1960 (XII) silver medal Triennale di Milano. In 1957 Johansson-Pape was awarded the Pro Finlandia Prize. 

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