Grand Feu Art Pottery – California

Grand Feu Art Pottery was a ceramics manufacturer in California.


Active c1912—16, Grand Feu Art Pottery, was founded in California by Cornelius Brauckman. Its output was of high quality and aesthetically distinctive. Generically, grand feu is ceramic ware fired at 2500°F (1400°C), maturing its body and glaze simultaneously. Grand feu is both porcelain and gres, and Grand Feu Art Pottery specialises in the latter. Calling its wares ‘Gres-Cerame,’ Grand Feu produced a vitrified body that was neither pure nor translucent. Brauckman did not apply colour, relying instead on the natural effects produced by an interaction of heat and glaze. His wares are considered on the highest level of those made in the USA.


Brauckman received a gold medal at the 1915 San Diego ‘Panama- California Exposition’. His work was shown at 1916 ‘Los Angeles ‘Annual Arts and Crafts Salon.’


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