Salon des Arts Ménagers (1923) French information provider on domestic management

salon des arts ménagers poster
salon des arts ménagers poster

This institution began as the ‘Salon des Appareils Ménagers’ in the Champ de Mars in Paris in 1923 to provide information to the French on all aspects of domestic management, furnishing, and decoration. The Salon moved to the Grand Palais in 1926, when it was renamed the ‘Salon des Arts Ménagers.’ This first exhibition, which was largely devoted to domestic appliances, drew over 100,000 visitors.

During WWI, Jules Louis Breton, the Undersecretary of State for Inventions, was a pivotal figure. Paulette Bernège, who was also a key figure in the formation of the Ligue d’Organisation Ménagère, founded the Institut d’Organisation Ménagère (Institute for Household Management) in 1923. (League for Household Management). Both Breton and Bernège played important roles in public education in this area of domestic life.

Furniture and furnishings and the work of members of the Union des Artistes Modernes were included in the shows by the 1930s and household appliances (UAM). By 1939, the Salon had attracted over 600,000 visitors, and by 1955, the figure had risen to 1,400,000. However, as consumers became more sophisticated in subsequent decades, marketing and retailing systems underwent dramatic changes. The Salons were no longer open to the public in 1983.


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