Otto Lindig (1895 – 1966) German Ceramicist

Plate designed by Otto Lindig – British Museum

Otto Lindig (1895 – 1966) was a German Ceramicist.

Otto Lindig – self portrait


Between 1919 – 1925 he studied at the Bauhaus, Weimar.


He was an enthusiastic supporter of the pottery workshop at the Bauhaus, contending that it should be included in the schoolโ€™s curriculum. When it was separated into design and production workshops, Lindig supervised the latter, combining handwork and mass production approaches. At the Bauhaus pottery department, Dornburg, his production was typically elegant in form. He used semi-opaque glazes that resulted in various finishes on individually unique pieces. His work signalled a break from historicist forms toward mass production. In 1923, pursuing the Bauhaus philosophy, he went on to teach. He designed ceramics in 1930 for the Staatliche Majolikamanufaktur Karlsruhe.



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