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Trude Petri-Rabin (1906-1989) was a German ceramicist. She was born in Hamburg and was professionally active in Germany and the USA.


From 1927 she studied porcelain at Verinigdten Staatsshulen fรผr freie und angewandte Kunst (United State Schools for Free and Applied Arts), Berlin, and Staatliche Porzellan-Manufakture, Berlin (Royal Porcelain Factory, Berlin).


Like Marguerite Friedlander-Wildenhain, Petri produced entirely unornamented objects. Her use of high-glaze on porcelain made pieces suggesting industrial use. Friedlander-Wildenhain and Petri produced porcelain designs for the Staatliche Porzellan- Manufaktur in Berlin in 1930. Petri was employed there 1925โ€” 33. 

Her 1930โ€”32 Urbino dinner service by KPM (Kรถnigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur), Berlin, showed Bauhaus and Deutscher Werkbund influences. The service included a โ€˜coupe-plateโ€™ replacing the traditional flat-rimmed plate. Until 1938, she designed vases, ashtrays, and chandeliers for KPM. She designed the 1938 Arkadische service with unglazed medallions decorated by sculptor Sigmund Schรผitz. The Arkadische pattern was suggested by Werkbund member Gรผnther von Pechmann, director of the Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur from 1929 and dismissed for political reasons in 1938. She designed the 1931 Neu-Berlin porcelain dinner service by KPM. She designed the 1947โ€”48 Urbino Oval services by KPM and the 1985 City service by Arzberg. 

In 1950, she moved to Chicago but continued to work for KPM, producing bar bottles in white and celadon porcelain; vases in 1953; vases, ashtrays, the Igel (hedgehog) salt and pepper cellars in 1950; 1953 Urbino salad service; and porcelain chess set in 1966.


A 1930 covered bowl from the Urbino service received a gold medal at the 1937 Paris ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne. The bar bottles in white and celadon received an award at the 1954 (X) Triennale di Milano.

Dessert bowl and saucer by Trude Petri-Rabin


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