A journey through 60 years of graphic design in 3500 designs


The History of Graphic Design. Vol. 2, 1960–Today

By Jens Müller

Graphic design has distilled the spirit of each era through the tumultuous passing of time with its vibrant, elegant fusion of image and concept. From minimalist packaging to vibrant advertisements, clever environmental graphics to elegant interfaces, graphic design is all around us every minute of every day. It’s as much about communicating knowledge as it is about expressing society’s cultural desires and values.

This second volume completes our in-depth examination of graphic design from the 1960s to the present. Approximately 3,500 landmark designs worldwide lead us through contemporary history in this visual map, from the founding of the International Style to the advent of the innovative digital age. 118 biographies of the era’s most influential designers, including Massimo Vignelli (New York subway wayfinding system), Otl Aicher (Lufthansa identity), Paula Scher (Citibank brand identity), Neville Brody (The Face magazine), Kashiwa Sato (Uniqlo brand identity), and Stefan Sagmeister, are included in the book (handwriting posters).


Author Jens Müller curates the year’s standout projects, as well as a running sequence of design achievements, using his extensive knowledge of the industry. Every decade is prefaced by a concise summary and a beautiful visual timeline, providing a vibrant display of the variety of graphic production in each decade and the global landscape it simultaneously described and characterised.

This series of significant graphic works is a long overdue examination of the evolution of an artistic environment that is continually evolving and challenging. These main pieces serve as compass points through modern history, allowing us to trace the enormous impact of graphic design on our everyday lives.

Coupled with Volume One, which covers the discipline from its conception until 1959, the tomes provide the most thorough review of graphic design.

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