Philip Webb (1831 – 1915) British architect and designer

Philip Webb and the Beginnings of the Modern House
Philip Webb and the Beginnings of the Modern House

Philip Webb was a British architect and designer; he was born in Oxford. 


Between 1849-52 he trained under architect John Billing in Reading. 


He joined architect G.E. Street’s office in Oxford as a principal assistant. While there in 1856, met William Morris and became greatly influenced by the writings of John Ruskin.

In 1858, set up his own office and designed Morris’s 1859 Red House, Bexleyheath. With its asymmetrical and free ground plan and its inter-related interior and exterior, the house, built in unpretentious red brick, was an influential early example of a new type of domestic architecture in the Gothic Revival style, the first full manifestation of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Philip Webb - Early and rare sideboard, circa 1862
Philip Webb – Early and rare sideboard, circa 1862

In 1861, Webb became a partner in Morris, Marshall, and Faulkner. He designed solid furniture in oak in a simplified and austere Gothic style. He produced stained glass and book covers and designed simple small glass items and metalwork with medieval references. His town and country houses unconventionally combined medieval and 19th-century elements. One of the best known is the 1891 house, Standen, East Grinstead. 


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