The Plissé Toaster is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that transcends mere functionality and enters the realm of art and design. Designed by the iconic Michele De Lucchi, this is not just a toaster; it’s a statement piece, an object d’art that beautifies your kitchen while fulfilling its practical purpose. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricate details that make this appliance a must-have for design aficionados and culinary enthusiasts alike.

A Symphony of Material and Form

The outer shell of the Plissé Toaster is crafted from thermoplastic resin, a material that allows for a variety of colours—black, red, grey, white, and green—to be rendered in stunning clarity. The internal parts are made from stainless steel, ensuring durability and robustness. What immediately captures the eye, however, is the iconic pleated surface, reminiscent of the plissé fabric technique used in haute couture.

Pleats and Eats: The Inspiration Behind Plissé

Michele De Lucchi drew inspiration from the mid-century fashion of the 1950s and 1960s, a period known for its pleated skirts, exuding a sense of floaty and frothy fabrics. The plissé technique, however, isn’t just a vintage relic—it’s a contemporary design language that can be applied to various mediums, including kitchen appliances. The pleats add not just texture but a sense of lightness and celebration. It’s a tactile experience; your hand naturally wants to explore the surface, to feel the rhythmic rise and fall of the pleats.

Function Meets Aesthetic

It’s essential for a designer toaster to be more than just a pretty face, and the Plissé does not disappoint. It boasts up to 6 levels of browning, offering a wide range of options for both sweet and savoury toasting needs. The toaster is equipped with a power indicator light, a toasting adjustment knob, a lifting lever, and specific buttons for cancelling, defrosting, and bagel toasting. A crumb tray is included for easy cleaning, and sandwich tongs can be purchased separately.

Sustainability and Packaging

In an age where sustainability is more than a buzzword, the Plissé Toaster comes in packaging made from recycled cardboard, featuring a reproduction of the original sketch by Michele De Lucchi. It’s an elegant nod to the creative process, a small touch that elevates the unboxing experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ease of cleaning is another consideration for any kitchen appliance. The Plissé Toaster simplifies this process—the crumb tray can be easily pulled out like a drawer, and the tongs (sold separately) can be washed under running water with non-abrasive soap.

The Plissé Toaster by Michele De Lucchi is a masterful blend of form and function. It invites you to reconsider the role of everyday objects in our lives. Why shouldn’t a toaster evoke feelings of lightness, happiness, and aesthetic satisfaction, much like a beautifully designed piece of furniture or textile? It’s an artful appliance that proves design excellence can and should be part of every aspect of our daily lives.

In the end, the Plissé Toaster is not just about making your morning toast; it’s about elevating the entire experience of being in your kitchen, starting your day with a touch of design-led brilliance.

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