Michele De Lucchi featured image
Michele De Lucchi featured image

Michele de Lucchi (born 1951) is an architect and designer from Italy. He was born in Ferrara and now lives and works in Milan.


In 1975, he studied architecture at the Universita di Firenze under Adolfo Natalini.


At the Universita di Firenze, he experimented with new forms of art and film. In 1973, he created the Cavart group alongside Piero Brombin, Pier Paola Bortolami, Boris Pastrovicchio, and Valerio Tridenti, which was active in Architettura Radicale, filmmaking, written works, and happenings. During this time, he presented a seminar in the Monselice marble quarry near Padua called “Culturally Impossible Architecture.”

He taught architecture at the Universita di Firenze from 1975 to 1977 before relocating to Milan in 1978. In 1979, he worked at Studio Alchimia after joining Centrokappa and befriending Ettore Sottsass. From 1978 to 1981, he worked with Sottsass on the inaugural Memphis show, to which he contributed various works. He worked as a consultant designer for Olivetti on its 1979 Synthesis office-furniture line (with Sottsass); he created Olivetti’s 1982 Icarus office-furniture range (with Sottsass) and cooperated on the interiors of over 50 Fiorucci shops throughout Europe at Sottsass Associati.

Summary of works

In 1979, he designed prototype household appliances for Girmi, and in 1981, he created hi-fi designs and the Pensione Adriatico. His Peter Pan recliner was dubbed a “chromatic experiment” by him.

He designed the Pacific armoire, Atlantic cabinet, Kristall side table, and Oceanic floor lamp for Memphis’s first collection in 1981. First chair, a piece he wrote in Memphis in 1983, was one of his most frequently circulated works. Acerbis’ 1984 Cadetti tables and 1985 Mist table, Massoli’s 1985 Witness armchair, Cleto Munari’s (with Giancarlo Fassina) 1985 rings, and Artemide’s 1986โ€”87 Tomomeo desk light were among his other works. He created metal and wood furniture for Bieffeplast and Elam, as well as for ADL and T70.

He took a design approach that aimed to make everyday products appear more toy-like. He designed plastic tableware for Bodum, Switzerland, in the late 1980s. Vistosi, RB Rossana, Girmi, Matau, Kumewa, Up & Up, Baldini, and Fontana Arte were among the other clientele.

He created Solid, a group of young international designers, in the early 1990s and lectured at Domus Academy in Milan, Facolta di Architettura in Palermo, and Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He was involved in his own De Lucchi Group, Milan, from the early 1990s, with Angelo Micheli, Nicholas Bewick, James Irvine, Geert Koster, and Ferruccio Laviani among his personnel.



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