Art Deco Jungle a Poem

Art Deco Jungle

In a jungle draped in Art Deco grace, Steel and glass, nature’s embrace. Fronds and foliage in geometric play, Marble and chrome, the light of day.

Palms reach up to a streamlined sky, Where toucans perch and time drifts by. The architecture, bold and precise, is A symphony of man’s device.

Curved lines merge with wild green In this haven, serene, unseen. The whispers of the past echo loud. In this jungle, history is proud.

Banana leaves fan the air of old Against backdrops of bronze and gold. A paradox of eras intertwined, Art Deco and the jungle, by design.

An urban forest, a hidden gem With nature’s jewels in its diadem.A testament to art and time, In every corner, a reason, a rhyme.

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