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Working with an unconventional material, KALO design studio founder, Ammar Kalo, designed a collection ofRead More →

© MD Pursuit Architects: HII Architects Location: No. 420, Section 2, Shulin St, South District,Read More →

literal world map

This is a map of the literal translations for the names of the world’s countries (bigger size). Some of the translations include: Panama: Place of Abundant Fish Paraguay: People Born Along the River Namibia: Read More →

netiquette the finer points

Netiquette is a colloquial portmanteau of the words network and the internet; it is an informal word implying the rules of correct, acceptable and polite behaviour online. Netiquette is the manual exercise and regulation of our online society.Email, social media and communicating online has been around long enough that one would think that most people would be adept at this form of communication.Read More →

Designing type by Karen Cheng

I picked up a copy of designing type from my local second bookstore.  This book helps one navigate the world of typefaces.  In web design and with the emergence of Google fonts typefaces have the potential to influence the look and feel of a website more than any other element.Read More →

Effective design

Some designers seem to just have it sorted: great clients, awesome work, and an effortless workflow. Have you ever wondered what their secret is? Route One Print – the UK’s biggest trade printer – decided to find out, by surveying graphic designers from a range of industries to uncover their secrets to success.Read More →


Who has not received an email from an alleged Nigerian relative who urgently wants to deposit an obscene amount of money into our bank account? And who has not been shocked when receiving a warning from Dropbox or Netflix, Apple iTunes in which they urge us to change our password urgently? These scams and fraud seem to be a growth industry. Fortunately, my mail account manages to keep the bulk of the attacks in the spam folder. Read More →

Balance - Woman in blue dress

Balance is one of the important points the success of a design. Everyone loves the convenience (not lame) to what they see. Balance in graphic design can be achieved by adjusting the visual weight of each element, both in terms of scale, colour, contrast, etc.Read More →