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The new generation uses smartphones and tablets for their casual activities. Regardless of how much they consume time with these devices. But the fact is that they can’t live without iPhone or android mobile. The people of past age were used to spending their spare time with family members. Source:Read More →

10 Ways to Grow Your Online Audience Organically

No matter whether you are a fellow blogger, an online small business owner, or maybe looking to grow your social media following, most if not all of the following tips can help you reach more people. Before we dive into the list, you might be thinking, “What do you meanRead More →

Five Great Business Gift Ideas Categories: Gifts, Reviews | by Jimmy Bell Giving smaller gifts or larger presents is a common practice in personal and professional life. Although in the latter case we encounter some exceptions: cultural, specific for some nations, and corporate, related to internal regulations regarding the acceptableRead More →

Live chat is the ultimate way for modern marketers to personalize their message and engage new users, and we’re publishing The Modern Guide to Live Chat for Marketing to help them do just that. “Marketing” is an ambiguous term in this day and age. Source: Announcing The Modern Guide toRead More →

On the occasion of Philippe Apeloig’s lecture “Abstract or not” at Mudam Luxembourg, Design Friends published a 24-pages catalogue in French and English. The interview was conducted by Arthur Dreyfus.Read More →

Businesses of all sizes are aware of the epic benefits of social media marketing. In fact, 78% of them employed dedicated teams to manage their social media. Their approach is pure genius ! After all, social media marketing can help them big time. Source: 5 Best Social Media Marketing CampaignsRead More →

The eCommerce industry is flourishing across the globe. According to statistics from Statista, the number of digital buyers in 2017 was 1.66 billion and the number will rise to 2.14 billion by 2021. eCommerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba and eBay have changed the face of the eCommerce industry. Source:Read More →

Co-working spaces aren’t about working anymore: in the age of millennial loneliness, they’re mostly about finding one’s social niche. Source: Top Trend of 2018: Friendly co-workingRead More →

Creative Brochure Design Ideas: Brochures are an integral part of any business. Brochure designs have to be crisp and bold to the viewer because it just takes a flick of a moment to catch the eyes of a potential customer. To live up to the digital demands of today’s world,Read More →

Psychology is a science founded in human motivation and behaviour and is essentially all about what makes people tick. As a marketer, if you can understand what drives somebody and why someone may behave a certain way, the better you’ll be able to understand them, work with them, and ultimatelyRead More →

Focusing on customer needs will become an even more crucial part of the sales experience. Stock image by Executive teams that personally own the sales and customer experience have the best sales cultures and the highest growth. Source: 5 Sales Leadership Lessons From 2018 That Could Make 2019 ARead More →

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Email is one of the most effective channels that a business can use to reach its customers. And if done right, it’s also one of the most useful. You might think we’re all about live chat here at Intercom, but we’re true believers in building relationships with users no matterRead More →


There is no secret recipe for creating the perfect portfolio. You’re in full control and can decide which designs you include, what you say about those designs, and how often you update your portfolio. This level of freedom can certainly be exciting, but also a little daunting. Source: 4 illustrationRead More →

6 Powerful Branding Tactics to Attract More Customers McDonald’s, Audi, and Nike – what comes in your mind when you read these names? McDonalds’ arches, Audi ceiling rings, and Nike’s tick, right? That’s the power of branding which defines your brand with just a single clue. Source: 6 Powerful BrandingRead More →

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Your social media marketing strategy could not be more critical in the current digital marketing climate. The number of people who engage with businesses via social media platforms is staggering. This means that your company has to do far more than just be on social media, you need to focusRead More →

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Do you shudder with dread every time you log into your email? Is your subfolder list out of control? Do your friends’ cackle at the massive number atop the email icon on your phone? Sounds like you need some help mastering the art of email management! Source: Pain-Free Email ManagementRead More →

Pantone colour of the year - Living Coral

Colours help shape everything from our mood to the products we buy. With each new year comes a new colour trend, and whether you’re a digital marketer, or a graphic designer, knowing these trends in advance is helpful for all your design tasks. Source: 6 trending colors to use inRead More →

Leo Burnett London Gets #ReindeerReady in Holiday Spot for McDonald’s

Leo Burnett London unveiled the follow-up to last year’s “ #ReindeerReady ” holiday spot for McDonald’s. The ad focuses on the ones actually doing the work pulling Santa’s sleigh and their vegetable snack of choice. An endearing 90-second shows Santa’s reindeer increasingly frustrated over the course of the night as houseRead More →