Bertel Gardberg Finnish Jeweller and Metalworker

Bertel Gardberg Candlesticks

Bertel Gardberg was a Finnish jeweller and metal worker. Between 1938-1941 he studied at Taideteollin Korkeaukoulu, Helsinki. He began his working life in Copenhagen. Gardberg moved to Helsinki where he
maintained a studio between 1949-1966. He was responsible for stainless steel and silver designs produced by the Georg Jensen Solvsmedie; Galeries Lafayette department store, Paris and Kilkenny Design workshops, Dublin. Although he was known for his metal wares, he also worked in wood and stone.

He attempted to revive Ireland’s decorative arts and promote craftsmanship locally. He was the artistic director of Kilkenny Design workshop, Dublin. Between 1966-68. He was the head of design and technical director of Rionor, Kilkenny. His cutlery and stainless steel models were produced by Fiskars, Hackman and Hopeatehds. He designed wooden pieces and ecclesiastical and domestic silver produced by Noormarkun kotitedhsas. In 1973 he set-up a studio, Pohja (Finland) where he continued his activities in woodworking, metal wares, and silver jewellery, into which he incorporated, as previously developed in Ireland, precious and semi-precious stones.

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