Ulla Procopé (1921 – 1968) Finnish Ceramicist

Ulla Procopé Finnish designer in black and white
Ulla Procopé Finnish designer in black and white

Ulla Procopé (1921 – 1968) was a Finnish designer and ceramicist.


She studied at the Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu, Helsinki, to 1948.


Between 1948-67, she designed domestic ceramics produced by Arabia, where she worked as a model planner under Kaj Franck. Her designs included the 1957 Liekki flameproof stacking dinnerware range with lids for dishes and 1960 Ruska stoneware range in a textured warm brown colour. 


Ruska Stoneware by Ulla Procopé
Ruska Stoneware by Ulla Procopé
Large teapot Arabia Finlandia by Ulla Procope
Large teapot Arabia Finlandia by Ulla Procope
A set of three porcelain tureen, cuttingboard and jug, 'Valencia', by Ulla Procope, for Arabia, Finland
A set of three porcelain tureen, cuttingboard and jug, ‘Valencia’, by Ulla Procope, for Arabia, Finland


She received the diploma of honour at the 1957 (XI) Triennale di Milano and gold medals at ceramic exhibitions in Sacramento, California, in 1962 and 1963.

In San Francisco in 1963; and Utrecht in 1963. Her work was shown at the 1956-57 West Germany ‘Finnish Exhibition,’ 1958 ‘Formes Scandinaves’ exhibition at the Paris Musee des Arts Decoratifs, and 1961 USA ‘Finlandia’ exhibition in Zurich, Amsterdam, and London.


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