Marimekko Kukka Notecards – Scandinavian design

Marimekko Kukka Notecards

Greeting Cards Featuring Scandinavian Design

Colorful Lifestyle Floral Stationery Collection

This is a best-selling line! Marimekko, one of the world’s first lifestyle brands (and still one of the best), has released a newly packaged notecard set of 16 stunning floral designs.

These 16 notecards feature bright floral prints in bold colours, making them ideal for sending to friends worldwide. Use them to send birthday wishes, thank-you notes, congratulations, or to say hello. Marimekko fans and admirers, antique collectors, pattern people and colour lovers, and architecture, fashion, and lifestyle aficionados will appreciate the notecard collection.

Marimekko Kukka Notecards - Scandinavian design
Marimekko Kukka Notecards – Scandinavian design

Other Marimekko items (clothing, home goods, bedding, etc.) can be pricey, so these notecards are a cost-effective way to get your hands on some of the brand’s most famous designs.

Includes a box with a lift-off cover, 16 full-colour cards, and 16 envelopes (each with a different design, so you’ll never give the same card to the same person twice).

Marimekko is a Finnish lifestyle design house known for its vivid colours and original prints. Marimekko’s high-quality fabrics, clothing, accessories, and housewares have helped people express their distinctive personalities through pattern and colour since its founding in 1951. Marimekko has over 100 stores in 40 countries, including a flagship in New York City, which opened in 2011.

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