Italian Design (MoMA Design) Paperback

Italian Design MoMA book cover
Italian Design MoMA book cover

Italian Design (MoMA Design)

By Giampiero Bosoni

Incorporating the Italian design industry and culture in a single-minded and spontaneous national image building project, Italian designers have produced a wide range of forms-fashion, graphic arts and product and set design-with a unique international resonance.

This volume explores the Italian design of the last half-century, featuring classic Vespa lines, Bruno Munari’s deconstruction of the common fork, the nostalgic appeal of Italo Marchioni’s ice cream cone and the sleek Alberto Meda’s 1987 Light Light Chair, among many other masterpieces.

Paola Antonelli’s lively introduction gives an overview of Italy’s design culture; an essay by Giampiero Bosoni sheds light on the design objects that are superbly reproduced in the volume plate section.

Giampiero Bosoni is an architect, curator and associate professor of interior architecture at the Faculty of Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan. He is the author of several surveys and monographs, including Il Modo Italiano: Italian Design and the 20th Century Avant-garde, and a monograph on Max Huber.

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