Superstudio: Life without Objects (Book)

Superstudio: Life without Objects by Peter Lang
Superstudio: Life without Objects by Peter Lang

Superstudio: Life without Objects

by Peter Lang (Author), William Menking (Author)

Superstudio, which was established in Florence in 1966, questioned the modernist orthodoxy that architecture and technological advancements could change the world by producing alternative future visions in photomontages, drawings, collages, and films. Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, Gian Piero Frassinelli, Alessandro Magris, Roberto Magris, and Adolfo Nataliniโ€”all members of Superstudioโ€”were similarly pessimistic about politics and its ability to address mounting social, cultural, and environmental problems.

Nearly 200 of the group’s most important pictures, collages, storyboards, and critical writings are collected in Superstudio: Life without Objects. White sculptures spanning entire landscapes and villages, massive grid ground planes spanning endless beaches inhabited by roaming hippies: these are only a few of the more evocative photographs that cemented their reputation as avant-garde architects. In 1972, they were invited to participate in one of MoMA’s largest exhibits, which was focused on Italian design and architecture. The book is intended to provide the reader with the most comprehensive account of this avant-garde design community and their vibrant attack on modernism, with essays by Peter Lang and William Menking.

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