swarovski cyrstal
swarovski cyrstalswarovski cyrstal

Swarovski is an Austrian glass manufacturer. Daniel Swarovski founded the company in 1895. In 1895, he left Bohemia for the Austrian Tyrol. He established a factory in Wattens for the industrial production of cut crystal stones. From 1917 on, these stones were marketed as ‘Tyrolite,’ which is now the company’s industrial division.

The company produced optical instrument lines (now Swarovski Optik) and decorative glass (including jewellery and chandeliers). Every year, the company produces 20 billion cut crystals. The best-known items for the general public are its crystal animals, which are sold in airports worldwide.

At the top of the market, designers such as Hervรฉ Lรฉger, Alessandro Mendini, Stefano Ricci and Ettore Sottsass have produced their haute couture accessories and art glass. The Swarovski Collectors Society (SCS), established in 1987, has over 450,000 members worldwide.


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