Léon Jallot (1874 – 1967) French designer and artisan.

Leon Jallot desk and chair
Leon Jallot desk and chair

Léon Jallot (1874 – 1967) was a French designer and artisan.


In 1880 he started making furniture.

1898-1901, was manager of Siegfried Bing’s furniture shop in Paris’s Maison de l’Art Nouveau.

In 1901, he became a founding member of the Société des Artistes Décorateurs’ first Salon.

In 1903, he opened his decorating studio. He crafted and made furniture, fabrics, carpets, tapestries, glassware, lacquer, and screens; rabbeted woods were a speciality of his.

Charger designed by Léon Jallot (The Met)
Charger designed by Léon Jallot (The Met)

He built his own home and the home of painter André Derain on rue du Douanier in Paris.


He was the first to turn away from Art Nouveau’s excessively floral ornamentation and to advocate linearity. Already in 1904, when the grain of the wood was his only decoration, rich, not overworked materials were championed to suggest luxury.

He designed a wide range of furniture and furnishings from 1921 in association with his son Maurice. His furniture was simple in design, with flat surfaces that were lacquered, painted, or covered in shagreen or leather.

Leon Jallot center/side table
Leon Jallot center/side table

The Jallots began in the 1920s their work with synthetic materials and metal. Favre was in charge of selling Léon’s traditional light fixtures. Jean Perzel, G. Fabre, and Eugene Capon designed the interior fixtures for his and Maurice’s rooms after c1927 when they started to design rooms with almost exclusively indirect lighting. For the 1920 Salon of the Société des Artistes Décorateurs, the Jallots created fluted columns lit from within and a peripherally illuminated pelmet for the 1928 Hotel Radio (including interiors and restaurant by Maurice), boulevard de Clichy, Paris.


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