Handel Company (1885 – 1936) American Lighting Company

  • Handel Table Lamp Branded HANDEL
  • Arts & Crafts Figural Griffin Lamp by Handel & Mosaic Stained Glass Shade, c1920
  • Handel Boudoir Reverse or Inside Painted Lamp

American Lighting firm

Adolph Eyden and Philip Handel founded the Handel Company, an American lighting company.

The Handel Company was founded in Meriden, Connecticut, in 1885 and created lamps and glass designs over the years. The business was incorporated in 1903.


The company created vases, tobacco jars, and tazzas in addition to lampshades. Handel’s merchandise was made by a large studio of artists and artisans. Its lampshades included anything from big ceiling and floor lamps to little nightlights. The company didn’t create its glass, instead relying on machine-rolled glass blanks. Floral and geometric lampshades were made from individually cut sheets, and the blanks were reverse painted. Enamelling, etching, and filigreeing metal overlays and imparting a cracked frosted finish to the outsides were used to create effects. The company went out of business in 1941.

Joanne Grant’s The painted lamps of Handel (c. 1978); De Falco, Hibel & Hibel’s Handel lamps: Painted shades and glassware (1986); Carole Hibel’s The Handel lamps book (1999); and Robert DeFalco’s Metal overlays by Handel have all concentrated on the designs of Handel lamps through the years (c. 2000). Martin May’s Great art glass lamps: Tiffany, Duffner & Kimberly, Pairpoint, and Handel contained Handel Company lights.

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