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Triana Floor Lamp

Three Different Lampshades

Triana is a floor lamp like the ones of yesteryear. One metre tall, elegant and stately. With a sculptural body and delicate hand-made chintz lampshade. Its uniqueness is that it has three shade sizes suitable for the same base, shades that are interchangeable if desired and give it three different personalities depending on the size: small, medium or large.

Designed by Ramรณn รšbeda and Otto Canalda, it was released in 2008 with the foot in a black piano lacquer finish, stylized as a stiletto heel. Now it is presented with three new versions that triple its possibilities: a brilliant white colour, a luminous yellow – also for the screen – that does not go unnoticed. They all fit equally well in the living room of the most demanding home or in the hall of the most elegant hotel.

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