Robert Bonfils (1886 – 1972) French Graphic Artist, Painter and Designer

Born in Paris, Robert Bonfils (1886 – 1972) was a French graphic artist, painter, and designer. He studied at the École Germain-Pilon in 1903 and at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1906.

He worked for Henri Hamm, a furniture designer. His work included paintings, bookbindings, ceramics for Sèvres, Bianchini-Frerier silk, wallpaper and interior design layouts. He designed the tea room at the Au Printemps department store in Paris. With depictions of the seasons, he decorated the wall.

He was a professor of design at the École Estienne from 1919.

Oasis Bonfils, Robert V&A Explore The Collections
Oasis Bonfils, Robert V&A Explore The Collections
Art Deco Porcelain Vase by Robert Bonfils
Art Deco Porcelain Vase by Robert Bonfils

The work of Bonfils was shown at the 1909-38 Salons d’Automne, the 1938 Salon des Tuileries and the Société des Artistes Décorateuers Salons. At the 1913 Salon in Paris, he introduced his first book, Binding, Clara d’Ellebuese. He was an organiser of the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris in 1925. He exhibited in nine categories, and he designed one of the posters and catalogue covers. He also participated in the 1937 Paris ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne.’ In 1939 he was at the ‘New York World’s Fair’. In 1958 he was at the ‘Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles.’

A selection of his work


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