Dwell and Gear Patrol detail the Wassily Chair and Bertoia Diamond Chair

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Wassily Chair product shot

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Dwell magazine’s suggested, “Stellar Deals” of the month, as well as a feature article by Gear Patrol, recently featured the Knoll Modern Comfort Sale. The Modern Comfort Sale features iconic, classic, and contemporary designs to help you make the most of the places you work, relax, and socialise.

The chair shown in Dwell is the Wassily Chair. Inspired by a bicycle frame’s functional design, apprentice Marcel Bruer reduced the classic club chair to its elemental lines and planes using tubular steel. The product he created is the elastic and transparent chair which would forever change furniture design.

Wassily Chair for Knoll
Wassily Chair for Knoll

The Bertoia Diamond Chair is featured in Gear Patrol’s article. This chair, designed by Henry Bertoia in 1952, is one of the most well-known examples of mid-century modern design. The legendary Florence Knoll Coffee Table is also seen, which comes in various hues and finishes with tabletops made of glass, wood, coated and natural marble, and natural granite.

Florence Knoll Coffee Table
Florence Knoll Coffee Table
Bertoia Diamond Chair
Bertoia Diamond Chair

Dwell is a contemporary architecture and interior design publication. The site has promoted inspiration and shared design ideas for better living for over two decades. Gear Patrol is dedicated to informing the public about the best products to pursue their lives, with the same purpose.


From the Knoll Pressroom

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