The world of applied and decorative arts is abuzz with the latest sales that marry affordability with iconic design. The landscape of interior design is often a reflection of the past, embracing the future while nodding to the bygones of style and functionality. This month, we delve into Dwell magazine’s stellar deals and Gear Patrol’s feature on the Knoll Modern Comfort Sale. Both outlets present an opportunity to acquire pieces that are not just furniture but symbols of innovation and design history.

Wassily Chair product shot
Wassily Chair for Knoll
Wassily Chair for Knoll

The Wassily Chair: An Avant-Garde Icon

Dwell magazine spotlights the Wassily Chair, a piece that revolutionized furniture design. Marcel Breuer, while an apprentice at the Bauhaus, took inspiration from a bicycle’s frame to reimagine the bulky club chair into something almost weightless yet strong—a chair reduced to its elemental lines and planes. Crafted with tubular steel, it’s a dance of elasticity and transparency that speaks to the ingenuity of reducing form to its bare essentials while maintaining function and comfort. The Wassily Chair isn’t merely a seat; it’s a manifesto of modern design, celebrating the synthesis of form and function.

Bertoia Diamond Chair
Bertoia Diamond Chair

Bertoia’s Diamond in the Rough

Featured in Gear Patrol’s article, the Bertoia Diamond Chair is a testament to the ingenuity of mid-century modern design. Conceived by Henry Bertoia in 1952, this piece encapsulates an era that sought to break free from traditional design constraints. With a form that is as open as it is inviting, the chair’s diamond-like framework creates a sense of space and lightness. It is a sculptural entity that offers comfort and an artistic statement, demonstrating the harmony between industrial materials and organic form.

Florence Knoll Coffee Table
Florence Knoll Coffee Table

The Multifaceted Florence Knoll Coffee Table

Amidst these seating marvels, the Florence Knoll Coffee Table stands as a beacon of versatile design. Offered in a spectrum of hues and finishes, its tabletop options—ranging from glass to wood, coated and natural marble to granite—speak to the enduring legacy of Florence Knoll’s commitment to practicality and beauty. This piece is a chameleon in the design world, seamlessly adapting to spaces while maintaining its distinctive mid-century modern elegance.

Design as a Living History

Dwell and Gear Patrol serve as conduits for living design history. Dwell, with over two decades of inspiring and sharing design ideas, and Gear Patrol, dedicated to guiding readers to the best products for their lifestyle. Both appreciate the narrative woven by these timeless pieces. The Wassily, Bertoia, and Knoll are more than just functional objects; they are chapters in the ongoing story of design that we continue to write today. As we sit, gather, and converse around these pieces, we do more than furnish our spaces—we pay homage to the visionaries who crafted the vocabulary of modern design.

A Moment for Modern Comfort

The Knoll Modern Comfort Sale represents more than an opportunity for a savvy purchase. It’s a celebration of comfort, functionality, and enduring design. These pieces remind us that design is not static; it’s a living entity that comforts, supports, and enriches our daily lives. As we reflect on the value these sales bring, let’s remember the transformative power of design in shaping our environments and, in turn, the quality of our lives.

In the realm of applied and decorative arts, deals like these are not just transactions but invitations to become custodians of design heritage. It’s a chance to blend the past and the present in our personal spaces, ensuring that the legacy of great design lives on to inspire future generations.


From the Knoll Pressroom

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