The timeless design of the chrome table lamp by Donald Deskey

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Table LampDonald Deskey 1927-1931
Table Lamp Donald Deskey 1927-1931

Table Lamp

  • Designer: Donald Deskey
  • Material: Chrome-plated metal and painted wood

Electric table lamp with a chrome-plated spine and lampshade and a painted-black wooden base. The base is a solid rectangular block that rises to a height of about 1 inch in the front and almost 4 inches in the back. An electric cord protrudes from the centre of the base’s back. The spine is a two-inch wide rectangular chrome metal strip bent into a C shape and attached to the base. A light socket and metal hemispherical lampshade are suspended from the top of the spine’s underside, and they are joined to the spine by a short barrel and a ball-and-socket joint (which allows the shade to be swivelled). The on/off switch is located above the base, along the back of the spine.


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