Campana Brothers and their sensational creations

Sushi Sofa by Campana Brothers
Sushi Sofa by Campana Brothers

Spotlight in Design and Home Décor

For many years, the Campana brothers’ remarkable creations have garnered attention in design and home décor magazines. Notably, Edra’s signature pieces include the luxurious Boa sofa, upholstered in velvet, and the unique Sushi rag chair. These designs have solidified Edra’s prominent position in the competitive world of design.

Diverse Career Paths Converge

Humberto, after obtaining his law degree, pursued a career as a goldsmith and sculptor, while Fernando followed the path of architecture. In the early 1980s, they joined forces to establish their studio. Their creative journey led them to produce unconventional works that pushed the boundaries of traditional design, especially in terms of materials.

From High-Tech to Street-Sourced Materials

The Campana brothers’ materials of choice are diverse, ranging from high-tech laboratory-produced substances to items seemingly sourced from the streets of Sao Paulo, their hometown. They fearlessly utilize materials such as tubes, wooden slats, cloth remnants, ropes, and bamboo canes. One of their renowned creations, the Favela chair, is a prime example. Crafted from small pieces of wood held together with glue and nails, it stands as a testament to their innovative approach to design.

Innovative Furniture Design

Many of the furniture pieces created by the Campana brothers consist of numerous identical components. These components are versatile, used to craft opulent, high-end items or smaller products, as seen in Alessi’s Blow Up bowls and coasters. Their distinctive approach combines a piecemeal design method with skillful improvisation, a skill honed in the challenging conditions of Sao Paulo’s slums.

Artistic Unconventionality

What truly sets their sculptures apart is their departure from the typical industrial approach. Instead, their configurations appear spontaneous, as if guided by an artist’s hand. This unconventional method infuses their work with unpredictability and vitality, evoking a sense of anticipation in the viewer.

The Boa Sofa: A Serpentine Marvel

Consider the Boa sofa, entwined with velvet tubes that mimic a mound of serpents. The illusion is so compelling that the object appears to be in motion, creating a captivating visual and tactile experience.

Sushi Chair: An Artistic Fragment

Similarly, the Sushi chair exudes a sense of incompleteness, adorned with a casual pile of garments tossed on top. It challenges traditional notions of furniture design, inviting viewers to engage with the unexpected.

Innovative Collaborations

Beyond their artistic creations, the Campana brothers have ventured into partnerships with companies like Bayer, a chemical giant. Together, they’ve pioneered a groundbreaking flooring material crafted from a unique synthetic resin. This innovative approach integrates hardwood slats, producing a visually striking effect that resembles scattered fragments across the ground.


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