Nomikai Adds A Chic Twist To Rosé In A Can

Nomikai, designed by Dutch East Design, elevates rosé in a can to a whole new level. Nomikai should be the beverage of choice for your next get-together, thanks to the hard shift in hues from white to a peach gradient and the clean bursts of navy blue for the lettering and label.

“Nomikai is a rapidly growing startup that specialises in canned wine and cocktails. The company’s initial product, Nomikai Fizzy Rosé, is made with grapes from a variety of California vineyards and offered in 187ml single-serving cans that are portable, smashable, and ready to drink.”

Agency: Dutch East Design
Creative Directors: William Oberlin, Dieter Cartwright, Larah Moravek
Designer: Maria Johnson
Photography: Steph Goralnick
Location: New York, USA

Source: Nomikai Adds A Chic Twist To Rosé In A Can

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