Alf Sture (1915 – 2000) One of the Greats of Norwegian Furniture

Alf Sture featured image
Alf Sture featured image

Alf Sture (1915 – 2000) is one of the greats in Norwegian furniture design. He received several awards and distinctions for his shapes and interiors. His legacy survives today’s fashion trends due to its quality and functionality.

Furniture, he said, should work as intended. Seating furniture must be adapted to anatomical requirements. Still, beyond this, they should in their form help to characterize an environment with security and warmth and often appeal to something familiar and dear.

Alf Sture always worked closely with his clients. He gave an understanding that was crucial for him. The collaboration with Tonning Møbelfabrikk lasted from 1960 until he stopped working in 1995. His common ideals in form, function, and quality meant that he could realize many ideas in this collaboration.



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