Beautiful Butterfly & Moth Illustrations from Dru Drury 1837

A selection of beautiful butterfly and moth illustrations from Dru Drury Book on Etymology (1837).

Dru Drury (4 February 1724 – 15 December 1803) was a British collector of natural history specimens and an entomologist. He had samples collected from across the world through a network of ship’s officers and collectors, including Henry Smeathman. His collections were utilised by many entomologists of his time to describe and name new species and are best known for his book Illustrations of natural history which includes the names and descriptions of many insects, published in parts from 1770 to 1782 with copperplate engravings by Moses Harris.

  • Papilio Thoas fig.1 & 2; Papilio Sinon fig 3 & 4
  • Cynthia Huntera butterfly illustration (1837)
  • Plate 1 & 2 Ceratocampa Imperialis and plate 3 Noctua Squamularis butterfly illustration
  • Noctua Undularis butterfly illustration
  • Figure 1 & 2 Papilio Paris and figure 3 & 4 Colias (Callidyras) Pyranthe butterfly illustrations
  • Figure 1 & 2 Castnia Licus and Figure 3 Gastropacha Otus - Moth illustrations
  • Limacodes fig 1, Saturnia Cecropia fig 2, Spilosoma Arge fig 3, Spilosoma Cunea, fig 4
  • Argynnis Phalanta fig. 1 & 2; Melitaea Phaeton and Melitaea Tharos fig. 5 & 6

More Illustrators

  • Jessie Marion King (1875 – 1949) Scottish illustrator of children’s books

    Jessie Marion King featured image

    Jessie Marion King (1875 – 1949) was a well-known Scottish illustrator who specialised in children’s books. She also painted pottery and crafted bookplates, jewellery, and fabric. King was a member of the Glasgow Girls, a collective of female artists.Read More →

  • Yoshitomo Nara (b.1959) Japanese Artist and Designer

    Yoshitomo Nara featured image

    Nara grew up in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, about 300 miles north of the Tochigi Prefecture. His exposure to Western music on the American military radio station Far East Network in Honshu influenced his artistic imagination early. Later, he would provide cover art for bands including Shonen Knife, R.E.M., and Bloodthirsty Butchers.Read More →

  • Mr.Otter’s Practice Travels: Illustrations by Simon Lee

    Cute illustrations of a traveling otter and his many adventures by Beijing-based artist Simon Lee . The style of the illustrations remind me of the woodblock prints (Ukiyo-e) of Ando Hiroshige (1797–1858). Ukiyo-e is a genre of Japanese art which flourished from the 17th through 19th centuries.Read More →

  • André Lhote (1885 – 1962) French Artist and Illustrator

    Andre Lohte featured image

    Lhote was born 5 July 1885 in Bordeaux, France, and learned wood carving and sculpture from the age of 12, when his father apprenticed him to a local furniture maker to be trained as a sculptor in wood. He enrolled at the École des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux in 1898 and studied decorative sculpture until 1904.Read More →

  • Keith Haring (1958 – 1990) American artist and designer – art that danced

    Keith Haring Icons

    Keith Haring was best known for his graffiti-like painting, initially on the black paper used to cover discontinued billboard advertisements in the New York subway. After after a feverish 1980’s style career of surging popular success and grudging critical attention, Haring died of AIDS in 1991 at the age of 31.Read More →

  • Tom Ngo’s Architectural Absurdity

    Tom Ngo featured image

    “Common sense and conventional practice prohibit the evolution of architecture.” This is the first quote you find reading Tom Ngo’s Master’s thesis: The Dinner Address, A Venture into Architectural Absurdity. Read More →

  • Beautiful Butterfly & Moth Illustrations from Dru Drury 1837

    Butterfly Illustrations featured image

    Dru Drury (4 February 1724 – 15 December 1803) was a British collector of natural history specimens and an entomologist. He had samples collected from across the world through a network of ship’s officers and collectors, including Henry Smeathman. Read More →

  • The Supercharged Art Of Walter Molino

    Walter Molino shooting

    Walter Molino was born in 1915 and died in 1997 at age 82. He began working professionally as an illustrator and caricaturist in 1935 for a newspaper and two children’s magazines, followed by a satirical magazine and several comic strip series.Read More →

  • Illustrator reimagines Disney princesses as modern career women

    Matt Burt – a North Carolina-based graphic designer decided to do a new take on the classic Disney princesses by redrawing them as hard-working modern career women.Read More →

  • Alma Haser – Within 15 Minutes

    Alan Haser Twins

    Within 15 Minutes – The average time between twins when they are born Alma Haser has always found identical twins fascinating, as do most people. It is the incredible realisation that there are two versions of the exact same person, hard to tell apart, unless they wear different clothes or hairstyles…Read More →

  • Louis Sparre (1866 – 1964) Swedish furniture designer

    A pair of chairs designed by Louis Sparre

    He was born in Gravellona Lomellina, Italy. He was the son of Pehr Ambjörn Sparre af Söfdeborg (1828–1921) and Teresita Adèle Josefa Gaetana Barbavara (1844–1867). His father had served as head of the banknote printing company for the Sveriges Riksbank. He spent his early childhood with his mother at Villa Teresita in Gravellona while his father was often on business trips.Read More →

  • Mortality and Sacred Snakes in the Tattoo Art of Joao Bosco

    Joao’s art is a contemplative technique that acknowledges and tackles the inevitability of death by inscribing images of mortality onto skin. Keep an eye on his own Instagram account, as well as Tiger Sword’s, where he shares his growing range of activities in publishing, music production, and other areas.Read More →

  • Jean Paul Langlois pop and pulp culture

    Jean Paul Langlois - pop and pulp art

    A selection of work by Métis artist Jean Paul Langlois from Vancouver Island, currently based in East Vancouver. Informed by pop and pulp culture, particularly Westerns, 70s sci-fi and Saturday morning cartoons, Langlois plays with ultra-saturated colours and motifs as a way of grappling with a sense of alienation from his own cultural backgrounds — both indigenous and settler.Read More →

  • Flavours of the World: Digital Art by Omar Aqil & Povilas Daknys

    Flavors of the World

    Pakistani CGI artist Omar Aqil and Lithuanian art director Povilas Daknys worked in collaboration to create this impressive series of artworks for Expedia, featuring the unique cuisines of 7 different countries.Read More →

  • English Artist Margaret C. Cook’s Rare, Sensual Illustrations for Walt Whitman’s ‘Leaves of Grass’

    Margaret Cook

    “Thoughts, silent thoughts, of Time and Space and Death…” When thirty-six-year-old Walt Whitman self-published Leaves of Grass in the summer of 1855, having poured the whole of his being into this unusual and daring labor of love, it fell upon unreceptive and downright hostile ears — a rejection that devastated the young poet.Read More →

  • Harue Koga delightful illustrations and paintings ♥︎

    Harua Koga featured image

    . He dropped out of junior high school to pursue a career as a painter, and in 1912, he relocated to Tokyo. He studied at the Taiheiyoga-institute kai’s and then the Japan Watercolor Painting Society’s institute. Koga became a priest in 1915 and studied Buddhism at Taisho University. Read More →

  • Lively and Imaginary Worlds in Illustration

    Jeannie Phan Illustration

    Jeannie Phan, a Toronto-based illustrator, is inspired by varied landscapes, plant life, and daily activities. After that, she applies a fantasy, delicate surrealism filter to her drawings, combining identifiable subjects and abstract perspectives for a skewed yet lively finish.Read More →

  • Gertrude Hermes (1902 – 1983) British Illustrator, Sculptor & Designer

    Hermes, Gertrude- StoneHenge featured image

    Gertrude Anna Bertha Hermes was born in Bickley, Kent, on August 18, 1901. Louis August Hermes and Helene, née Gerdes, were from Altena, Germany, near Dortmund. She attended the Beckenham School of Art in around 1921. She then enrolled in Leon Underwood’s Brook Green School of Painting and Sculpture in 1922, where she met Eileen Agar, Raymond Coxon, Henry Moore, and Blair Hughes-Stanton, whom she later married in 1926. They divorced in 1933 after separating in 1931.Read More →

  • Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (1895 – 1946) Hungarian Designer – Applied Arts

    Featured Image by László Moholy-Nagy (MoMA)

    In Budapest, he studied law, while elsewhere, he studied sketching and painting. During World War I, he began drawing and became interested in Kasimir Malevich and El Lissitzky. Read More →

  • Georges Lepape (1887 – 1971) French painter & illustrator

    Georges Lepape featured image

    Lepape’s work blends orientalist elements with flowing lines, vibrant colours, and graphic stylizations reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha, Erté, Gustav Klimt, and Henri de Toulouse-Art Lautrec’s Nouveau movement. Read More →

  • Jean Jullien’s Smiling Surfboards

    Smiling surfboards by Jean Julien

    In a new series of minimalist illustrated surfboards, French artist Jean Jullien brings his distinctive cartoonish characters.Read More →

  • Hattie Stewart’s doodlebombing

    Hattie Stewart Doodlebombing featured image

    Hattie Stewart is a London-based painter and illustrator. Her tongue-in-cheek artwork glides smoothly between various creative sectors, including Fashion, Music, and Contemporary Art, despite the fact that she is best known for ‘doodlebombing’ over influential Magazines.Read More →

  • Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939) – Moravian decorator and painter

    Alphonse Mucha. Spring 1896

    Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939) was a Moravian decorator, painter, and graphic artist. In the 1890s and early 1900s, Mucha is well known for his Art Nouveau posters, particularly those of Sarah Bernhardt. Mucha first designed stage sets in Vienna; moved to Munich, in 1885 and Paris in 1887.Read More →

  • Duane Bryers (1911 – 2012) – Pinup artist – naughty but nice

    Hilda surprised by a goat behind her by Duane Bryers

    One of my favourite pinup artists was Minnesota born Duane Bryers, creator of the famous Hilda, a pleasingly, popular and plump pinup girl. Bryers’ background was as interesting as his illustrations. Born in northern Michigan, he excelled at acrobatics as a child. His family moved to Virginia, Minnesota, at 12 and he soon had the neighbourhood gang putting on the “Jingling Brothers circus, complete with burlap-sack sidewalls.Read More →

  • George Sheringham (1884 – 1937) British Interior and Textile designer

    George Sheringham Portrait

    He was born in London and had a brother, Hugh, an Angling Editor of The Field. He attended the King’s School, Gloucester, the Slade School of Fine Art (1899–1901), and the Sorbonne, Paris (1904–1906).Read More →

  • Illustrator Charlotte Edey creates soft yet bold dream-like worlds

    Charlotte Edey is a British printing, textile and embroidery artist & illustrator. Her interdisciplinary discovery of the intersections of identity and the spiritual reveals the symbolism and myth within her work. Womxn’s experience of colour is centred in her commentary on the politics of space.Read More →

  • Total Control, illustration by Andrew Fairclough

    Andrew Fairclough Illustrations

    Andrew Fairclough is an Australian illustrator, designer and art director based in Los Angeles. KINDREDRead More →

  • Embroidered Illustrations by R.Masha


    Embroidered Illustrations by R.Masha Beautifully crafted embroidered artworks by Russian artist R.Masha .   EmbroideredRead More →

  • Everyday Digital Art by Kurt Chang

    Kurt Chang Digital Illustrations

    Kurt Chang is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, he has been sharing pretty illustrations via his Behance.  With this never-ending pandemic, I have noticed an increase in ‘digital art’ projects being shared.Read More →

  • Cracked Portraits by Taisuke Mohri

    ‘Cracked Portraits’ is an ongoing series of illustrations by Japanese artist Taisuke Mohri. The realistic hand-drawn portraits are overlaid with a pane of cracked glass, which contributes to the ethereal, surrealistic aspect of these artworks.Read More →

  • Retro-futuristic Illustrations by Tishk Barzanji

    Tishk Barzanji is a visual artist based in London, United Kingdom. The work of Tishk Barzanji touches on the modernism movement, and surrealism. Inspired by his childhood in Kurdistan, and later moving to London in 1997. Read More →

  • Drawings of Daily Resistance from the 1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott

    Montgomery Bus Boycott (1)

    In the spring of 1956, two young artists from Brooklyn noticed that something momentous was happening in the South.Read More →

  • Lindsay Stripling – San Francisco based illustrator

    Lindsay Stripling - Illustrator

    Lindsay Stripling is a San Francisco based artist and illustrator I really admire and whose work I’ve really enjoyed watching develop as she also made the transition to full-time illustrator. I admire is that Lindsay has stayed true to her own style and originality.Read More →

  • Jérôme Lagarrigue’s powerful portraits of Brooklyn’s African-American community

    Jerome Lagarrigue was born in 1973 to a French father and an American mother, and was raised in Paris.Read More →

  • Realistic Ballpoint Pen Drawings from African Artist Enam Bosokah

    Enam Bosokah Ball Point Drawings

    Without the use of fancy filters or expensive materials, Ghanaian Artist Enam Bosokah makes striking art with only the use of a ballpoint pen.  You can see more of his work on his Instagram Page.Read More →

  • Surreal futuristic illustrations by Oska

    Oska is a graphic designer and illustrator from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has developed an original style of surreal-futuristic compositionsRead More →

  • Yumi Kitagishi maze of underground homes

    Yumi Kitagishi

    Yumi Kitagishi is a Tokyo-based illustrator known for her striking harmony of colors, hand-drawn style, and imaginative characters, reminiscent of children’s picture books. One of her specialties is her creation of full, rich, miniature worlds.Read More →

  • The illustrator who draws on cats

    Rebecca Ashdown - Drawing on Cats

    Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats: with illustrationsRead More →

  • Korean Illustrator Draws Intimate Illustrations So Well You Can Almost Feel It

    Yang Se Eun featured image

    Yang Se Eun is a South Korean illustrator, who started drawing cartoons from the early age of 4. She is best known for her lovely, sensual couple illustrations, drawn in Photoshop. “I do all of my drawings with Photoshop.Read More →

  • Star Wars Illustrations by Bev Johnson

    Star Wars Illustrations

    Star Wars Illustrations by Bev Johnson Inspired by ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘The Last Jedi’,Read More →

  • Descending Rust World by Pat Presley

    Science fiction concept art of flying spaceship in a world of rust

    A little tightening up of an older piece by our friend Pat Presley. Keywords: digitalRead More →

  • 18-Year-Old Painter Stuns The Art World With Her Vibrant Paintings, Sells Them For $10k

    Young female artist sitting while painting

    Young entrepreneur and classically trained painter Dimitra Milan, is challenging traditional ideas of how artistsRead More →

  • Subtle And Curvy Illustrations

    Visual artist Mikjung Lee’s universe is expressed through sensual, feminine curves unfolds in various landscapesRead More →

  • These Lush “Plant Lady” Illustrations are Alone Time Done Right

    These Lush “Plant Lady” Illustrations are Alone Time Done Right

    Illustrator and graphic designer Chloe Joyce paints pictures of women who relish their alone time. In aRead More →

  • Artist Spotlight: Debora Cheyenne Cruchon

    Artist Spotlight: Debora Cheyenne Cruchon

    Debora Cheyenne Cruchon’s Website Debora Cheyenne Cruchon on Instagram Source: Artist Spotlight: Debora Cheyenne CruchonRead More →

  • Artist Spotlight: Manuja Waldia

    Artist Spotlight: Manuja Waldia

    Manuja Waldia Manuja Waldia’s Website Manuja Waldia on Instagram Manuja Waldia’s vibrant illustrations span aRead More →

  • 6 of South Africa’s best up-and-coming illustrators

    Artist Spotlight: Manuja Waldia

    From thought-provoking imagery to boundary-pushing designs, these illustrators combine art and technology to convey theirRead More →

  • Drawings and sketches by Victoria Semykina

    Victoria Semykina was born in Moscow where she studied painting for six years at theRead More →

  • Illustrator Spotlight: Richard A Chance

    Richard A Chance Richard A Chance’s Website Richard A Chance on Instagram Source: Illustrator Spotlight:Read More →

  • Ink Paintings by Tokugawa Iemitsu Casts Different Light on Ruthless Leader

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  • 3D Illustrations by Estúdio Ícone

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  • Artist Uses 120 Marker Pens to Create Swirling Landscape Drawings Inside a Dome

    Brazilian -born visual artist Oscar Oiwa is internationally recognized for producing fully immersive instalment artworkRead More →

  • Jasmine Bjurstrom – Illustrator Profile

      View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jasmine Bjurström (@aquarelliquee) onRead More →

  • Alice & Martin Provensen illustrations

    Illustration little girl riding a lion

    In the illustrations for ‘A Visit To William Blake’s Inn’ by Nancy Willard and illustratedRead More →

  • Incredible Pen Drawings by Mark Powell

    It is on unusual and ancient supports that Mark Powell makes his incredible ballpoint penRead More →

  • Colorful Portrait Illustrations – Brilliant Work of Irina Kruglova

    These colourful portrait illustrations have been done by Irina Kruglova, a Moscow-based graphic designer-turned-illustrator. she’sRead More →

  • 20 Beautiful Color Pencil Drawings by Famous Tattoo artist Tony Logo


    Color Pencil Drawings are a fantastic medium to work on. Depending on the brand andRead More →

  • War and pleas: propaganda posters from 20th century Australia – in pictures

    Posters played a crucial role in the wars of the 20th century, firing up patrioticRead More →

  • The Dreamy Meditative Process of Illustrator Leonard Peng

    Leonard Peng’s dreamy illustrations are a lovely meditation in color and form, expressing a dreamyRead More →

  • “Idealization”: The Photorealist Paintings By Yasutomo Oka

      In line with the ultra-realistic paintings of Yigal Ozeri (previously featured ), here isRead More →

  • Festive Frosty Paintings Invite You into an Idyllic Winter Wonderland

      Maybe you don’t want to live in a winter wonderland, but Vanessa Bowman willRead More →

  • Oliwia Bober’s illustrations combine Polish folklore and her personal feelings

    For Oliwia Bober, settling on illustration as a creative profession wasn’t a particularly straightforward routeRead More →

  • 10 illustrators to follow on Instagram

    From South Korea to Canada and Montenegro, here is a new cutting-edge crop of designersRead More →

  • Christopher Murphy drawings unassuming and quiet

    The current drawings of Christopher Murphy are for the most part unassuming and quiet. OnlyRead More →

  • Aart-Jan Venema puts a smile on you

    Aart-Jan Venema ’s illustrations put a smile on my face. Brimming with loose brush strokesRead More →

  • Inside Ori Toor’s Colorful Illustrational World

    I remember watching Disney’s Fantasia at the cinema as a small child and I rememberRead More →

  • Digital Artist Explores The Hidden Darkness In The World Through Her Revealing Illustrations

    Art can be an excellent way of letting go of all the pain. After all,Read More →

  • Canadian Artist Draws Pictures That Are As Warm As A Cup Of Hot Chocolate

    One of the most popular artists in Canada, Richard Savoie, draws pictures that are literallyRead More →

  • 8 superheroes doing ordinary things. Wait… Batman brushes his teeth?

    Superheroes are people too. Wait, that’s not right. Superheroes are extraordinary characters with greater thanRead More →

  • Ram Han’s work continues to rekindle images of childhood nostalgia

    Ram Han is a Korean Illustrator and her work has been featured on It’s NiceRead More →

  • Anisa Makhoul – Illustration Love for clothing label Makool

    Patternbank recently discovered the beautiful work of Anisa Makhoul and thought we’d share some ofRead More →

  • Citizens of the Jungle Illustration Series

    Let’s look at Ladislas Chachignot ‘s work, which is an illustrator, digital painter and creatorRead More →

  • 19th century fireworks illustrations from Japan

    The public library of Yokohama City has taken a great initiative and digitised six ancientRead More →

  • Beautiful & Heartwarming Illustrations by Graziela Andrade

    Get ready to to put a smile on your face with these beautiful illustrations. IfRead More →

  • A Stranger in Town: Dark, Symbolic Compositions by Shane Pierce

    Source: A Stranger in Town: Dark, Symbolic Compositions by Shane PierceRead More →

  • Colorful Portraits by Brunna Mancuso

    Illustration Colorful Portraits by Brunna Mancuso Source: Colorful Portraits by Brunna MancusoRead More →

  • Patterned illustrations by Daria Hlazatova

    Daria Hlazatova is an artist and illustrator based in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, whose passion lies inRead More →

  • Urban Landscape Paintings

    Source: Urban Landscape PaintingsRead More →

  • Inspiring Hayao Miyazaki Celebrated By Various Artists

    The legendary animation filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki inspired so many artists in the whole world. SpokeRead More →

  • Illustration by Đốm Đốm

    Đốm Đốm: website Source: Illustration by Đốm ĐốmRead More →

  • Seeking Geoffrey Bawa

    When I first glimpse the building that I’ve driven four hours to see, carved intoRead More →

  • Artist Spotlight: Ben Bauchau

    A selection of recent work by artist Ben Bauchau , based in Brussels, Belgium (couldn’tRead More →

  • An Irish Illustrator Creates Horror Stories That Will Send a Shiver Down Your Spine

    Brian Coldrick is an Irish illustrator along with the artist behind a series of spookyRead More →

  • Just cats! Digital art by Wael Hameed

    “I actually tried to create something more close to linocut digitally, but I believe thereRead More →

  • Realistic Cat Portraits by Wakuneco

    Realistic Cat Portraits by Wakuneco Japanese artist Wakuneco creates incredible needle felt portraits of cats.Read More →

  • Illustrations by Miliballe

    Miliballe: behance The post Illustrations by Miliballe appeared first on Ego – AlterEgo . Source:Read More →

  • Artist, Who Says She Can’t Draw, Creates Hilarious Illustrations About Her Life

    Bibi is an illustrator who draws hilarious comics about her life. Although she says sheRead More →

  • Artist Reimagines 20+ Disney Characters As Real People, And Elsa From Frozen Finally Looks Normal

    Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen is a 28-year-old artist from Finland, who says he was inspiredRead More →

  • Artist Spotlight: Kathrin Longhurst

    “Protagonist”, a series of paintings by artist Kathrin Longhurst celebrating strong women breaking down barriers.Read More →

  • Realistic Fruit Paintings

    Detailed oil on canvas paintings of oranges, watermelons , and other fruits . Realistic fruitRead More →

  • Ghost: The Story Behind Revolver’s Insane Cardinal Copia Illustration

    If you have the new issue of Revolver featuring Ghost’s Cardinal Copia across multiple collectibleRead More →

  • Beautiful Biology: Illustrations by Katie Scott

    Beautiful Biology: Illustrations by Katie Scott London-based artist Katie Scott creates intricate artworks inspired byRead More →

  • Artist Spotlight: Al Mefer

    Peruse some intergallactic real estate in this fantastic series by artist and neuroscientist Al MeferRead More →

  • “Constellation Applebee’s” by Artist Stacey Rozich

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  • Illustrator Sangho Bang on his fantastical alien worlds that the big brands can’t resist

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  • These Beautiful Illustrations Pay Tribute To The Victims Of Femicide

    Abril Salas The Trump administration Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has recently ruled not to grantRead More →

  • Stark Editorial Illustrations by Stuart McReath Examine Society’s Monumental Struggles

    Stuart McReath ’s high contrast illustrations employ stark shadows that lend an almost three-dimensional qualityRead More →

  • Vibrant Floral Illustrations

    After having been a gift products designer for over a decade, American visual artist JessicaRead More →

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Jessie Marion King (1875 – 1949) Scottish illustrator of children’s books – Encyclopedia of Design

Jessie Marion King (1875 – 1949) was a well-known Scottish illustrator who specialised in children’s books. She also painted pottery and crafted bookplates, jewellery, and fabric. King was a member of the Glasgow Girls, a collective of female artists. King was born in Bearsden, Dunbartonshire, near Glasgow, at the manor of New Kilpatrick.

“Dinotopia”: The Fantastical Art Of James Gurney – Encyclopedia of Design

Inspired by archaeology, lost civilizations, and the art of illustration, James Gurney’s children book Dinotopia creates an extraordinary place where humans and dinosaurs live in harmony. “The thing I love about dinosaurs is that they are on that balance point between fantasy and reality,” says Gurney.

Perry King (1938 – ) British industrial, graphic and product designer

Perry King (1938 – ) is a British industrial, graphic and product designer born in London and active in Milan. He attended Birmingham College of Art. He worked at Olivetti, where he designed office machinery, starting in 1956. He collaborated with Hans Von Klier on C. Castelli’s corporate design program.

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