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Cylinda-line, tea and coffee set (1965) designed by Arne Jacobsen
Cylinda-line, tea and coffee set (1965) designed by Arne Jacobsen

Cylinda Line teapot

  • Designer: Arne Jacobsen
  • Material: stainless steel and nylon
  • Manufacturer: Stelton, Copenhagen

Arne Jacobsen’s Cylinda Line is a victory of neo-functionalism for the mass market, representing the broadest and most commercially successful application of formalist ideas for home consumption. From saucepans and coffee pots to T strainers and ice tongs, the cylinder-shaped line comprised a wide range of tables and kitchenware.

The Cylinda Line featured a close design connection among all aspects and the consistency of features throughout, including logo and packaging. It was designed over three years by International Style architect Jacobsen in collaboration with its manufacturer, Stelton. The components were made with rigourous accuracy thanks to semi-automated machinery and advanced welding procedures, with exceptionally high machine tolerances providing smooth surfaces and crisp outlines. Machine tooling also permitted the thin body stainless steel products to preserve their geometrical regularity regardless of size. The set-off black nylon handles’ dark rectangular outlines and internal arcs were also professionally created, serving as foils for the shimmering cylindrical jars.


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