Susumu Ilkuta Japanese Ceramicist

Susumu Ikata featured image

Susumu Ikuta is a Japanese ceramicist. He was active in Tokyo, New York, and North Carolina.


He studied traditional ceramics techniques in Japan under Katoh Kohbei from 1973.


He worked as a fashion designer in Tokyo. In 1958, he moved to New York at the invitation of Milner Lilly Daché. He studied ceramics in night classes in New York. In 1973, he returned to Japan, where he studied with Kohbei and painted on unfired porcelain. In 1978, he returned to the USA; initially working with only blue pigment, he began adding polychrome overglazes; decorated classical Japanese porcelain forms in realistic flower, dragonfly, and spider’s web motifs.

Hexagonal Covered Dish by Susumu Ikuta (The Met)


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