Sam Herman (1936 – 2020) American Glass Designer & Teacher

Sam Herman featured image
Sam Herman featured image

Sam Herman (1936 – 2020) was an American glass designer and teacher. He was born in Mexico.


He studied sculpture at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, under Leo Steppern; in 1966, glass making with Harvey Littleton and Dominick Labino; in 1966, Edinburgh College of Art; in 1967, Royal College of Art, London.


1969-74, he was an influential teacher at the Royal College of Art, where he became a tutor in the glass. His work was close to that of mentors Labino and Littleton. In 1969, Herman and Graham Hughes (chair of the British Crafts Centre) founded The Glasshouse Gallery and Workshop, Neal Street, London. They moved shortly after that to nearby Long Acre. He founded the New Wave Movement in Australia, living there 1974—80 and establishing the Jam Factory glass workshop, Adelaide. In the 1970s in Belgium, he collaborated with Louis Leloup (the chief designer at Val-Saint-Lambert) on glass objects. Herman delivered a 1984 lecture at the Brighton conference of the Decorative Arts Society, where he restated the principles of the Studio Glass movement.


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